Water Drops

We’re on day four of much-needed rain here in the Bay Area.  My son didn’t feel like going outside today at all, preferring instead to remain inside, constructing Lego farm buildings.

I was able to coax him out for a few minutes between rain showers to look for water drops on the plants.


Now we’re back inside.  He’s building yet another barn.  I’m writing.

We still have another three hours of daylight.  Maybe we’ll make it outside again.  Or maybe we won’t.

If he continues to maintain his focus, OK.  But if he gets restless, we’ll head to the park, rain or shine.



  1. Either it was yesterday or the day before, during the rain, that we had a flock of birds hanging out in the tallest trees behind the house. You could really hear them talking when you poked your head out the door. It was fun to watch them fly from tree to tree. Not sure how big the flock was – might’ve been spanning our whole little hillside? Veronica & I were at the back door watching them, trading back and forth btwn the real binoculars and the little ones we made w/ 2 toilet paper rolls & decorated w/ butterfly stickers. (Not sure which were easier to see out of, considering the real ones have been played w/ and slobbered over for years now.) I wanted to try to see what type of bird they were, but they were silouetted w/ the glare of the bright clouds behind them. Every year, we’ve seen flocks of cedar wax wings and flocks of robins stop thru our yards. Wish I would’ve pulled out the bird book! She loves looking thru that. Duh-oh! But when the rain was gone, so were the birds.


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