Rock Climbing: At the Park

Emerald Glen Park, Dublin

Emerald Glen Park, DublinWhen we feel the need for a touch of Yosemite, but can’t get away for the weekend, we head, believe it or not, to our local park.  Emerald Glen Park in Dublin has a great faux granite rock climbing area.  Check out this picture.  Doesn’t it look like the Sierras?

Kids seem to especially enjoy playgrounds that incorporate a touch of nature into the design. Even though this playground at Emerald Glen also has great standard play structures (two other areas with slides, ladders, bridges, etc.), the kids are primarily drawn instead to climb on the boulders.  These rocks inspire better pretend play, becoming a true mountain to kids.  Children transform into climbers, explorers, or, a favorite in our family, Batman and Robin. Today, however, my son was Spider-Man.

In my opinion, the rocks at Emerald Glen are the best, but here are a few other playgrounds in the East Bay that also incorporate fun granite play structures…

Know of any others?  Please leave a reply.  We’d love to check them out!

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  1. Jessica says:

    Will have to visit emerald glen! Thanks!


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