Rainy Day Backyard Play

It’s finally raining!  The easiest way to have some outside play on a rainy day is to put on raincoats and rainboots and send the kids into the backyard.  Our backyard is tiny (only 10′ x 30′), but it’s more than large enough for some rainy day fun.  My boy will stay outside for thirty to sixty minutes before he’s ready to come back in.  I let him get as wet as he wants to, as it’s so easy to simply change him into dry clothes when he comes back inside.  He’ll usually do a variety of things (here are just a few)… sweep leaves,  put his head back and try to catch raindrops in his mouth, play with sticks (we collect them everywhere we go), stack things in his wagon, shoot hoops in his Little Tykes basketball hoop,  dance in joy whenever a larger drop from the oak tree falls on his head, splash his hands in the puddles, or drop leaves and small pebbles into the puddles.  I don’t direct what he does, but let him explore and experiment.  The result?  Super easy rainy day fun!


  1. My DD’s favorite thing is her “rain stick” – a long stiff woody weed stalk from something in our backyard, that got floppy when it was wet. She loved spattering puddles w/ it, “painting” the house and door w/ it, flapping it all over the place. Sure wish we’d had more rainy days this year.


    1. A Nature Mom says:

      I love that!! And, yes, not nearly enough rainy days this year… maybe we’ll get lucky and have a wet Spring.


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